Apr 13 2007

GSoC 2007 selection is now done. Google has kindly allocated us 7 slots. The following students have been selected:

  • Evelina Slatineanu
    Evelina Slatineanu
    Evelina Slatineanu dev
: AJAX Interface Improvements

  • Cristina Boureanu
    Cristina Boureanu
    Cristina Boureanu dev
: Collaborative tools on top of xwiki

  • Catalin Hritcu
    Catalin Hritcu
    Catalin Hritcu dev
: FunctionalTestSuite

  • Radu Danciu
    Radu Danciu
    Radu Danciu dev
: Google Docs Integration

  • T Jayasuriya
    T Jayasuriya
    T Jayasuriya dev
: IDE Editor Integration

  • Artem Melentyev
    Artem Melentyev
    Artem Melentyev dev
: Storage Improvements

  • Vandan Parikh
    Vandan Parikh
    Vandan Parikh dev
: XWikiOffline

Congratulations to all! We're delighted to work with you :)

See the XWiki GSoc page for more information and for how we'd like to work with these students.

Created by Vincent Massol on 2007/04/13

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