Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.0 RC2

Version 1.0 release candidate 2 brings a couple of bug fixes.

Changes from 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Release Notes - XWiki Watch - Version 1.0 RC2

  • Bugs
    • Feed renaming not applied to articles
    • Cannot change the reader stylesheet from the wiki any longer
    • Feed rename is not reflected by the wiki pages
    • Make XWiki Watch compatible with IE6 / IE7
    • Poor performance on IE browsers
    • Impossible to remove all tags from an article
    • Scaling issue under FF3
    • Feed rename changes the feed name field which is used as feed key
  • Improvements
    • Add a link to the Watch main page from the xwiki main page in the standalone distribution
    • Change Watch to make it Toucan-compliant
    • "Loading status" popup improvement
      • Improve LoadingStatus print to reflect feed rename and optimize queries

Known issues

Bugs we know about

Warning: Note that XWiki Watch does not work properly with an Oracle database yet. See XWATCH-103


See the Extensions page for Watch.

Created by Anca Luca on 2008/07/09

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