The aim of this report is to test XWiki Enterprise 7.1.2 and see that everything is working properly.

Tested Browsers & Databases

Here is the list of browsers we support and how they have been tested for this release:

BrowserTest Result
Chrome30.pngGoogle Chrome 44Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
Firefox30.pngMozilla Firefox 38Not Tested
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 10Full test
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 11Not Tested

Here is the list of databases we support and how they have been tested for this release:

DatabaseTest Result
hypersql.pngHyperSQL 2.3.2Full test
mysql.pngMySQL 5.5Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
oracle.pngOracle 11.2Not Tested
postgresql.pngPostgreSQL 9.4.1Not Tested

For the full list of tests see this page.

Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

Release Notes

TicketTest ResultTested by
Closed XCOMMONS-840 XML Filter output might not be fully flushed when closing it Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12373 XWiki.WatchListRealtimeMessage must be hidden by default PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12364 JIRA REST API doesn't work when accessing a JIRA 6.1.x+ server Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12384 Extension page reimported without any change when category is null PassRamona
Closed XCOMMONS-837 Unable to install the UI using Distribution Wizard PassRamona
Closed XRENDERING-400 JIRA macro fails to load from time to time PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12290 Use default configuration source in the URL configuration Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12282 Add a "Filesystem" URL Scheme for exports Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12281 Add ability to change the URL Scheme at runtime Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12269 Webjars resources are not bundled in the HTML export PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12272 XClass group property store the group id with a comma (,) at the end Not Tested 
Closed XCOMMONS-827 Velocity JSON tool serializer does not respect java.beans.Transient annotation Not Tested 
Closed XCOMMONS-826 Not existing job status might not be taken into account by the cache Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12065 In edit mode xwiki launch an http request to an external internet site ( PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12254 Failing to import extension with too big custom property Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12252 URL Normalizer implementations are missing hint qualifiers Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12251 The CORS Filter is not executed after a ResourceReferenceHandler Not Tested 
Closed XRENDERING-398 Race condition causing Exception during rendering PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12249 Extension Repository REST service return wrong extension URL Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12248 Infinite loop in UserIterator when groups references themselves in loop Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12246 CORS policy is not applied on resources coming from webjars Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12244 Sent mails are missing the UTF-8 charset in the "Content-Type" header Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12240 NPE in UserIterator when visiting groups with null objects Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12232 Error when adding an object on a class template if the class has special caracters in its name PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-12224 Guest associated to all modifications in the Watchlist mail PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12221 HTML Export fails to display icons properly PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12257 Missing styling for ## syntax (.monospace class) PassRamona
Closed XWIKI-12255 Wrong dependency in the flavor module Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-12342 Javascript Error : require is not defined when XWiki is the root app Not Tested 
Created by Ramona Conoro on 2015/08/26

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