Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces 1.0

Version 1.1 by Jerome on 2008/04/28

Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces 1.0 Release Candidate 2

Changes from XWiki Workspaces 1.0 RC 2

  • Bug Resolved :
    • XWS-72 - Panel not completely hidden when closing "Get started message" panels
    • XWS-80 - Issues with french translations
    • XWS-81 - Wrong category link in a blog entry footer
    • XWS-84 - Missing right-panel links to delete files and photos
    • XWS-85 - Remove right-panel links that are not contextual to the current page
    • XWS-86 - The file versions table is very poorly skinned
    • XWS-87 - Upon creation, document names are not cleared properly

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