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1 1 Release Notes for XWiki 1.0 beta 1
3 1.1 Changes from 0.9.x
5 * New Skin
6 * Lots of usability improvements
7 * Importer/Exporter to import and export sets of wiki pages
8 * XWiki can now work with an empty database
9 * Pages can be tagged (not documented yet) + basic UI for viewing the tag cloud
10 * New WYSIWYG editor (using Tiny MCE v2)
11 * New Rights editor
12 * New web site and updated documentation
13 * Improved programming APIs
14 * Notion of Panels (porlet-like areas which can be added in menus) + Drag and drop Panel Wizard to easily customize the displayed Panels (experimental, works only in Firefox)
15 * Standalone installer to get up to speed quickly (includes Jetty and HSQL already set up)
16 * Attachments versioning
17 * Section edits (ability to edit only sections of a page)
19 See the [full list of changes>].
21 1.1 Migration from earlier versions
23 Start by making a backup of your current database.
25 Then there are 2 possible use cases:
26 # __You want to keep your existing skin__. In that case, simply [install>platform:AdminGuide.Installation] the new version and point it to your existing database.
27 # __You want to use the new 1.0 skin with your current database__. In that case, [install>platform:AdminGuide.Installation] the new version and point it to your existing database. Then start XWiki and [import>platform:AdminGuide.ImportExport] the [Panels XAR>extensions:Extension.Panels Application] (this is required as the new skin makes use of them). Last, go to your wiki Administration page and in the skin section, enter "xwiki10b1".
29 Contact us on the [mailing list>dev:Community.MailingLists] if you're experiencing any problem. Just make sure you have your current database backed up before you do anything.

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