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Vincent Massol 8.2 5 This is the release notes for [[XWiki Commons>>http://commokns.xwiki.org]], [[XWiki Rendering>>http://rendering.xwiki.org]], [[XWiki Platform>>http://platform.xwiki.org]] and [[XWiki Enterprise>>http://enterprise.xwiki.org]]. They share the same release notes as they are released together and have the same version.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 6
Marius Dumitru Florea 18.1 7 This is mostly a stabilization release leading to XWiki 5.3 final and it brings a few small improvements to the Solr search UI and the ability to import large XARs using the WikiStream framework. The Solr index has been modified to support the search for documents matching specific values in multiple object properties. As a consequence you can now facet and sort the search results based on property values. Besides this the new release includes 38 bug fixes and 14 small improvements.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 8
9 = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 5.3 Milestone 2) =
Thomas Mortagne 20.1 11 [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 5.3>>https://jira.xwiki.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11698]].
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 12
Marius Dumitru Florea 17.1 13 == Solr Search Improvements ==
Marius Dumitru Florea 14.2 14
Marius Dumitru Florea 17.1 15 We made a few small improvements to the search facets:
Marius Dumitru Florea 14.2 17 * We added a hint to explain the 'No language' value in the language search facet(((
18 {{image reference="search-languageFacet-noLanguageHint.png"/}}
19 )))
20 * We improved the way a custom interval is specified in the date search facet(((
21 {{image reference="searchDateFacet.png"/}}
22 )))
23 * We improved the 'Object Type' facet(((
24 {{image reference="searchClassFacet.png"/}}
25 )))
Marius Dumitru Florea 17.1 27 We also improved the way Static List properties are indexed. We now index the raw value (what is saved in the database) as verbatim (without being analysed, for exact matching) and the display value (what is specified in the XClass) as localized text (using the locale of the document that holds the XObject).
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 29 See the [[Solr Search Application>>extensions:Extension.Solr Search Application]] for more details.
Thomas Mortagne 2.1 31 == Import large XARs ==
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 32
Thomas Mortagne 2.1 33 It's possible to enable the use of new [[WikiStream>>doc:extensions:Extension.Wiki Stream Module]] framework in standard import action (used in the standard import UI for example). Among other things it allows importing a wiki XAR of pretty much any size.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 34
Thomas Mortagne 2.1 35 [[WikiStream>>doc:extensions:Extension.Wiki Stream Module]] is too young to be enabled by default and will require heavy testing. In the meantime you can try it by uncommenting {{code}}#xwiki.action.import.xar.usewikistream=1{{/code}} at the end of xwiki.cfg file.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 37 == Miscellaneous ==
Vincent Massol 5.1 39 * Added new configuration parameter for the Link Checker: ##rendering.transformation.linkchecker.excludedReferencePatterns## (See [[Reference documentation>>extensions:Extension.Link Checker Transformation]]).
Vincent Massol 8.2 40 * If you want to change the wiki owner or the prettyname of the wiki, you cannot go to the "Wiki" section of the Wiki Administration anymore since it's been removed for the moment due to some technical issue. Instead, go to the Wiki Index and then click on the "edit" action corresponding to the wiki for which to update the settings.
Thomas Mortagne 12.1 41 * When creating an empty wiki you now get the Distribution Wizard even when ##ALLINONE## upgrade is selected (this used to disable the Distribution Wizard on subwikis)
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 42
Thomas Mortagne 20.1 43 See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>https://jira.xwiki.org/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-printable/temp/SearchRequest.html?jqlQuery=project+in+%28XCOMMONS%2C+XRENDERING%2C+XWIKI%2C+XE%2C+XEM%29+and+status+%3D+Closed+and+resolution+%3D+Fixed+and+fixVersion+%3D+%225.3-rc-1%22&tempMax=1000]] fixed in this release.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 44
45 = For Developers =
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 47 == Search for Documents Matching Specific Values in Multiple XObject Properties ==
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 48
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 49 Unlike a relational database, the Solr index has a single 'table'. So normally you index just one type of entity. Still, in XWiki you can search for documents, attachments, objects and object properties (see the 'Result Type' advanced search option). This is possible because we use a 'type' column in the index. So basically we index multiple types of entities, and we use the 'type' column to determine the type of entity an index row corresponds to. The entities are related though (the documents have objects and attachments, the objects have properties) and so you often need to put constraints on different entity types when performing a search (e.g. search for documents that have an object of a specific type with a property that matches a given value). In a relational database when you have the information spread in multiple places (tables) you do joins. [[Solr supports joins>>http://wiki.apache.org/solr/Join]] but the query syntax is complex and not as powerful as the SQL version. Plus, each join means ##index X index## where X is the cartesian product, which can be expensive if the index is very large.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 50
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 51 In this version we removed the need to perform joins when searching for documents matching specific values in multiple XObject properties. We achieved this by indexing XObject data on the document rows also. Of course, this means the index will have redundant information (XObject data is duplicated on document and object rows), but we believe this is not a problem and the increase in the Solr index size pays off when you take into the accout the search speed and the simplified query syntax.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 52
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 53 Here's a short summary of what we implemented:
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 54
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 55 * We're using an encoding scheme similar to the URL-encoding to support special characters in the Solr index field names. We didn't use directly the URL-encoding because '+' (plus) and '%' (percent) have special meaning in Solr query syntax. Also, we didn't want to encode Unicode letters.(((
56 {{code language="none"}}
57 E.g. "Somé Spâce.Bob's Claß" is encoded as "Somé$20Spâce.Bob$27s$20Claß"
58 {{/code}}
59 )))
60 * We wanted to be able to extract the class and property reference from a field name in order to display the location where the search text has been found. We couldn't use the default class / property reference serialization syntax because '\' and '^' have special meaning in the Solr query syntax. So we implemented a simple serialization syntax that uses only '.' as entity separator and the dot is escaped by repeating it.(((
61 {{code language="none"}}
62 E.g. "wiki:Some\.Space.My\.Class^color" is serialized as "wiki.Some..Space.My..Class.color"
63 {{/code}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.2 64 )))
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 65 * We added the following fields to a document's index:
66 ** ##object## : all types of objects found on the indexed document, e.g. ['Blog.BlogPostClass', 'XWiki.TagClass']
67 ** ##object.Space.Class## : collects the values from all the properties of ##Space.Class## objects found on the indexed document
68 ** ##property.Space.Class.propName## : indexes the values of ##Space.Class^propName## (multiple values if there are multiple objects of type ##Space.Class##)
69 * ##object.*## and ##property.*## are multilingual fields so they are indexed in multiple languages. We added support for dynamic aliases (for dynamic fields) so we can write:(((
70 {{code language="none"}}
71 object:Blog.BlogPostClass AND property.Blog.BlogPostClass.title:text AND object.XWiki.TagClass:news
72 {{/code}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 73
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 74 and it will be expanded into
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 75
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 76 {{code language="none"}}
77 object:Blog.BlogPostClass AND
78 (property.Blog.BlogPostClass.title_en:text OR property.Blog.BlogPostClass.title_fr:text OR ...) AND
79 (object.XWiki.TagClass_en:news OR object.XWiki.TagClass_fr:news OR ...)
80 {{/code}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 81
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.3 82 Note that Solr doesn't support dynamic fields as default fields, i.e. as fields that are matched when you search for free text (without field:value in the query). This is not a problem for the search results, as dynamic fields like ##object.*## and ##property.*## are copied and aggregated in ##objcontent## which is a default field. The issue is that we can't know what is exactly the XClass property that was matched by a free text search, we just know that the text was found inside an object.
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 83 )))
84 * We also added support for indexing non-string XObject properties based on their type. This means Boolean, Number (int, long, float, double) and Date properties are now correctly indexed (on document rows) and we can write something like:(((
85 {{code language="none"}}
86 property.Blog.BlogPostClass.publishDate:[NOW-1MONTH TO NOW]
87 {{/code}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.4 88 )))
Marius Dumitru Florea 15.1 89
90 === Faceting and Sorting on Object Properties ===
92 We added support for faceting and sorting on XObject properties. See the [[Solr Search Query API>>extensions:Extension.Solr Search Query API]] for details.
94 See also the [[Solr schema design>>design:Design.SolrSchema]] for the full list of fields that can be used in search queries.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 96 == Miscellaneous ==
Vincent Massol 9.1 98 * You can now easily [[run functional tests using PhantomJS>>dev:Community.Testing||anchor="HSelenium2-basedFramework"]] by using ##-Dbrowser=*phantomjs##.
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 99
100 = Translations =
102 The following translations have been updated:
Marius Dumitru Florea 13.1 104 {{language codes="de, fr, lv, nl, ru"/}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 105
106 = Tested Browsers & Databases =
Manuel Smeria 12.2 108 {{include reference="TestReports.ManualTestReportXWiki53RC1Summary"/}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 109
110 = Known issues =
Thomas Mortagne 20.1 112 * [[Bugs we know about>>https://jira.xwiki.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=category+%3D+%22Top+Level+Projects%22+AND+issuetype+%3D+Bug+AND+resolution+%3D+Unresolved+ORDER+BY+updated+DESC]]
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 113
114 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
116 == General Notes ==
118 When upgrading make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg##, ##xwiki.properties## and ##web.xml## files with the newest version since some configuration parameters may have been modified or added. Note that you should add ##xwiki.store.migration=1## so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
Marius Dumitru Florea 16.3 120 == Solr Search Index ==
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 121
Marius Dumitru Florea 16.1 122 {{error}}
Vincent Massol 19.2 123 We made important changes to the [[Solr schema>>http://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Design/SolrSchema]] in this release and unfortunately we don't have support for automatic Solr search index migration at this point. If you upgrade from XWiki 4.3 Milestone 2 or greater then **you have to delete the 'solr' folder** from the configured permanent directory of your XWiki instance. The Solr index will be recreated automatically and the entire wiki/farm will be re-indexed after a server restart.
Marius Dumitru Florea 16.1 124 {{/error}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 125
126 == API Breakages ==
128 The following APIs were modified since XWiki 5.2.1:
130 * Requesting a dependency without indicating the namespace does not really make sense. This interface is not really supposed to be implemented anyway.
132 {{code language="none"}}
133 org.xwiki.extension.ExtensionManager: Method 'public org.xwiki.extension.Extension resolveExtension(org.xwiki.extension.ExtensionDependency, java.lang.String)' has been added to an interface
134 {{/code}}
136 * Needed to filter search by namespace. This interface is not really supposed to be implemented anyway.
138 {{code language="none"}}
139 org.xwiki.extension.repository.InstalledExtensionRepository: Method 'public org.xwiki.extension.repository.result.IterableResult searchInstalledExtensions(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, int, int)' has been added to an interface
140 {{/code}}
142 * Young API. Not supposed to be implemented from outside.
144 {{code language="none"}}
145 org.xwiki.filter.xml.parser.XMLParserFactory: Method 'public javax.xml.stream.XMLEventWriter createXMLEventWriter(java.lang.Object, org.xwiki.filter.xml.XMLConfiguration)' has been added to an interface
146 org.xwiki.filter.xml.serializer.XMLSerializerFactory: Method 'public java.lang.Object createSerializer(java.lang.Class[], javax.xml.transform.Result, org.xwiki.filter.xml.XMLConfiguration)' has been added to an interface
147 {{/code}}
149 * Young API. Not supposed to be implemented from outside.
151 {{code language="none"}}
152 org.xwiki.filter.FilterDescriptorManager: Method 'public java.lang.Object createCompositeFilter(java.lang.ClassLoader, java.lang.Object[])' has been added to an interface
153 org.xwiki.filter.FilterDescriptorManager: Method 'public java.lang.Object createFilterProxy(java.lang.Object, java.lang.ClassLoader, java.lang.Class[])' has been added to an interface
154 {{/code}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 18.2 156 * New configuration property ##rendering.transformation.linkchecker.excludedReferencePatterns##
158 {{code language="none"}}
159 org.xwiki.rendering.transformation.linkchecker.LinkCheckerTransformationConfiguration: Method 'public java.util.List getExcludedReferencePatterns()' has been added to an interface
160 {{/code}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 162 * Young API that has been refactored to introduce the new Resource module.
164 {{code language="none"}}
165 org.xwiki.url.AbstractXWikiURL: Class org.xwiki.url.AbstractXWikiURL removed
166 org.xwiki.url.URLCreationException: Class org.xwiki.url.URLCreationException removed
167 org.xwiki.url.UnsupportedURLException: Class org.xwiki.url.UnsupportedURLException removed
168 org.xwiki.url.XWikiEntityURL: Class org.xwiki.url.XWikiEntityURL removed
169 org.xwiki.url.XWikiURL: Class org.xwiki.url.XWikiURL removed
170 org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLFactory: Class org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLFactory removed
171 org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLManager: Class org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLManager removed
172 org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLSerializer: Class org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLSerializer removed
173 org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLType: Class org.xwiki.url.XWikiURLType removed
174 {{/code}}
176 * XWikiURL (now Resource) should only be in the Execution Context and not in the Request.
178 {{code language="none"}}
179 org.xwiki.container.servlet.ServletRequest: Method 'public org.xwiki.url.XWikiURL getURL()' has been removed
180 org.xwiki.container.servlet.ServletRequest: Method 'public void setXWikiURL(org.xwiki.url.XWikiURL)' has been removed
181 org.xwiki.container.portlet.PortletRequest: Method 'public org.xwiki.url.XWikiURL getURL()' has been removed
182 org.xwiki.container.portlet.PortletRequest: Method 'public void setXWikiURL(org.xwiki.url.XWikiURL)' has been removed
183 org.xwiki.container.Request: Field XWIKI_URL has been removed, but it was previously a constant
184 {{/code}}
186 * Lots of refactoring in WikiStream.
188 {{code language="none"}}
Marius Dumitru Florea 19.1 189 org.xwiki.wikistream.xml.input.source.SourceInputSource: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.xml.input.source.SourceInputSource removed
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 190 org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream removed
191 org.xwiki.wikistream.descriptor.DefaultWikiStreamBeanParameterDescriptor: Method 'public java.lang.reflect.Type getPropertyType()' has been removed
192 org.xwiki.wikistream.descriptor.WikiStreamPropertyDescriptor: Method 'public java.lang.reflect.Type getPropertyType()' has been removed
193 org.xwiki.wikistream.descriptor.WikiStreamPropertyDescriptor: Method 'public java.lang.reflect.Type getType()' has been added to an interface
194 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.FarmFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.FarmFilter removed
195 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiAttachmentFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiAttachmentFilter removed
196 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiClassFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiClassFilter removed
197 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiClassPropertyFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiClassPropertyFilter removed
198 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiDocumentFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiDocumentFilter removed
199 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiFilter removed
200 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiObjectFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiObjectFilter removed
201 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiObjectPropertyFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiObjectPropertyFilter removed
202 org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiSpaceFilter: Class org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiSpaceFilter removed
203 org.xwiki.wikistream.input.BeanInputWikiStreamFactory: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream from the set of implemented interfaces
Marius Dumitru Florea 19.1 204 org.xwiki.wikistream.input.BeanInputWikiStreamFactory: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.input.InputWikiStream createInputWikiStream(java.lang.Object)' has been changed to org.xwiki.wikistream.internal.input.BeanInputWikiStream
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 205 org.xwiki.wikistream.input.InputWikiStreamFactory: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream from the set of implemented interfaces
206 org.xwiki.wikistream.output.BeanOutputWikiStreamFactory: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream from the set of implemented interfaces
207 org.xwiki.wikistream.output.BeanOutputWikiStreamFactory: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStream creaOutputWikiStream(java.lang.Object)' has been removed
Marius Dumitru Florea 19.1 208 org.xwiki.wikistream.output.BeanOutputWikiStreamFactory: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.internal.output.BeanOutputWikiStream createOutputWikiStream(java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 209 org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStreamFactory: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream from the set of implemented interfaces
210 org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStreamFactory: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStream creaOutputWikiStream(java.util.Map)' has been removed
211 org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStreamFactory: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStream createOutputWikiStream(java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
212 org.xwiki.wikistream.type.WikiStreamType: Removed field XWIKI_XAR
213 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.AbstractInstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.FarmFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
214 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.AbstractInstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiDocumentFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
215 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.AbstractInstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
216 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.AbstractInstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiSpaceFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
217 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.EntityEventGenerator: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.descriptor.WikiStreamDescriptor getDescriptor()' has been added to an interface
218 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.FarmFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
219 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiDocumentFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
220 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
221 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.filter.WikiSpaceFilter from the set of implemented interfaces
222 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.descriptor.WikiStreamDescriptor getDescriptor()' has been added to an interface
223 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Method 'public java.util.Collection getFilterInterfaces()' has been added to an interface
224 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Method 'public void setWikiDocumentParameters(java.lang.String, org.xwiki.filter.FilterEventParameters)' has been added to an interface
225 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Method 'public void setWikiFarmParameters(org.xwiki.filter.FilterEventParameters)' has been added to an interface
226 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Method 'public void setWikiParameters(java.lang.String, org.xwiki.filter.FilterEventParameters)' has been added to an interface
227 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputEventGenerator: Method 'public void setWikiSpaceParameters(java.lang.String, org.xwiki.filter.FilterEventParameters)' has been added to an interface
228 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.output.OutputInstanceWikiStreamFactory: Removed org.xwiki.wikistream.WikiStream from the set of implemented interfaces
229 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.script.InstanceWikiStreamScriptService: Method 'public void export(org.xwiki.wikistream.type.WikiStreamType, org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.internal.input.InstanceInputProperties, java.util.Map)' has been removed
Marius Dumitru Florea 19.1 230 org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.script.InstanceWikiStreamScriptService: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.internal.input.InstanceInputProperties newInstanceInputProperties()' has been changed to org.xwiki.wikistream.instance.input.InstanceInputProperties
Marius Dumitru Florea 1.1 231 org.xwiki.wikistream.script.WikiStreamScriptService: Method 'public void convert(org.xwiki.wikistream.type.WikiStreamType, java.util.Map, org.xwiki.wikistream.type.WikiStreamType, java.util.Map)' has been removed
232 org.xwiki.wikistream.script.WikiStreamScriptService: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.input.InputWikiStream createInputWikiStream(org.xwiki.wikistream.type.WikiStreamType, java.util.Map)' has been removed
233 org.xwiki.wikistream.script.WikiStreamScriptService: Method 'public org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStream createOutputWikiStream(org.xwiki.wikistream.type.WikiStreamType, java.util.Map)' has been removed
234 {{/code}}

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